Healthy Diet for swimmers

Healthy Diet for swimmers: If you are a swimmer and want to get results and improve your performance is important to take care of your Diet and nutrition.

If you are training hard, dedicating hours in the pool, but not taking care of the food you are having in your kitchen. Chose the wrong diet can ruin your hard work.

That’s why is important to watch your calorie intake, Choose the right food before and after training and stay hydrated. Maximize your swimming performance by feeding your body with the nutritious, energy-rich foods it needs.


Carbohydrates are the essential fuel for high-performance athletes

A diet rich in complex carbohydrates (wholegrains, green veg, beans and sweet potatoes for example) and lean protein (chicken and fish) will provide the energy you need to perform at your best in the pool.

Protein is essential for muscle repair and growth.

Ensure that you include protein (to aid muscle repair after a swim) at every sitting, along with vegetables and good fats such as avocado, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds or coconut flesh.

Post Training Nutrition

Eating as soon as possible after training (especially during the first 30 minutes) is the key to starting your body’s recovery process. Aim to eat a quick snack within 30-minutes of finishing training.he snack should be low in fat to speed up digestion which refuels your muscles quickly. You should also include some fluid with your snack.

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