Union Beginners programme. Initialization  level >>


Aim: To develop confidence and introduce movement in the water for a distance of 5 meters with/without aids, equipment or support.


Participants will be able to complete in comfort the following skills (with or without aids, equipment or support):

Enter in the water safely

Move forward STREAMLINE for a distance of 10 metres

Move backwards STREAMLINE for a distance of 10 metres

 Move sideways for a distance of 5 metres

 Introducing strokes

  Move forward butterfly kick on front

 Be at ease with water showered from overhead

 Move into a stretched floating position using aids, equipment or support

 Regain an upright position from on the back with support

 Push & glide in a horizontal position to or from a wall

 Challenge swimming distance  50/100/200mts

  Jump and introdution to diving

  Challenge 25mts fc kick

  Backtroke stroke progression drills

  Getting to know the equipment

  Strenght and resistance

  Motion techniques

Intermedium Union >>

This group has to develop the endurance and speed in the advanced swimming lessons framework, this will see the  swimmer develop and refine their skills (diving, turns, skills underwater), including breathing and stroke techniques, The intermediate level swimming courses focuses on technique including position off the block, wall turns, and pacing strategies. This will also put you in a great position should you wish to take your swimming to a professional level.


  Correct body positions (all strokes)

  Breathing correctly from mouth to nose

  Teaching  70% of Breastrokes strokes

  Teaching 70% of Butterfly strokes

  Improve front crowl by 50%  consistant and regular corrections on the session

  Increase volume of the session to 800mts to 1000mts

  Exercice out of the water for corrections

  corective Videos

  10 min of the session skills underwater transitions

  Teaching progresive drills

  Comparative set every 60 days

  Extension drills

The focus at this level is building competence in the basic elements of propulsion, using the main swimming strokes with a continuing emphasis on the importance of good streamlining and breathing control. Once an acceptable degree of basic competence is achieved in the fundamental skills, it is time to progress to the development of more efficient swimming. This level also consolidates the wider range of associated aquatic disciplines as well as providing for the development of a greater awareness and expertise in personal water safety and survival swimming.

Union Performance Programme >>

This level further developing the main swimming strokes, this group acts as an introduction to the early levels of training in competitive swimming; provides a basis for swimming as a part of a healthy lifestyle; and continues with more advanced activities in the other disciplines. The development of both basic aerobic swimming endurance and swimming speed are integrated within the programme.

This level also focuses on the consolidation of effective technique, the racing skills associated with them and a suitable range of drills and practices. The final stage introduces more demanding aspects of training development.

This session gives Masters swimmers who are above the advanced level an opportunity to develop their swimming ability for fitness or competition purposes.  The sessions involve more demanding aspects of training development and will incorporate a monthly programme of sessions.


 Advance skills transitions

Improve turns, diving, race pace


 Working specific energy zones specific to each individual

 Devolopment on stamina through power, technique and skills

 Land training

 1 to 1 attention

 Permanent corrections of movements

Tapering in advance in competition

 Using differents equipment

 Fitness sessions combined with swimmming

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