Swim Parachute

The Swim Parachute is made up of a comfortable, adjustable nylon belt, which is connected to a durable parachute.

The Swim Parachute provides varying levels of resistance for everyday training. Resistance training is proven to build muscle, increase endurance and boost speeds where the results can be felt immediately after the parachute is removed. The Swim Parachute is versatile, compatible with all four swim strokes and non-intrusive as it does not get in the way of kicking or flip turns.
  • Provides additional drag in the water for resistance training.
  • Builds muscle, increases endurance and boosts speed.
  • Comes in multiple levels of resistance. Red = 8 Inches and Navy = 12 Inches.
  • Adjustable nylon belt fits most.
  • Compatible with kicking and flip turns.



The Swim Parachute is a valuable tool because it requires continual emphasis on stroke efficiency and endurance. Added resistance in the water is a safe way to build strength in the large muscles that move big weight as well as the small muscles that stabilize your bones.

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