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Union Swimming

Our Swimming Lessons

  • Juniors
  • 4 weeks Period
  • Group Swimming Lessons

    • Saturdays
    • First sessions at 2:00 pm
    • 1 hr duration
    • 3 yrs old to 13 yrs old

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  • Masters
  • 4 Weeks Period
  • Swimming Lessons

    • For adult Swimmers
    • 1 hrs each Session
    • Tuesdays
    • Thursday


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  • AirJet Pool
  • 1 Hour session
  • Private Swimming Sessions

    • Private Sessions in an Ergonomic AirJet Pool
    • 1-hour session
    • Each session includes swimming diagnostics; corrective videos under and out of the water.
      Personalized class with the coach in the water for beginners swimmer.
      Strong technical correction guarantees increased swimming efficacy and success.


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Let your child learn the life skill the best way
  • Get them in the pool with confidence!🏊 with no fear of the water
  •  Let them enjoy!
Your kid will learn while he/she has fun, building confidence, USING PLAY-BASED LEARNING IN A FUN AND SAFE ENVIRONMENT
Swimming is good for you
💥 Swimming will help you to builds endurance, muscle strength.
💥 It Burns those calories.
💥 De-stresses and relaxes.
💥 Increases your energy levels.


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